Stephen A Smith Embarrasses Himself, Downplays Andy Ruiz Victory.


    Julio Garcia

    On June 1st, Andy Ruiz made history by becoming the first Mexican (whether he was born in the US or not you still put Mexican in front of Mexican American) heavyweight champion in the history of boxing. Many wrote him off as an opponent that was going to get steamrolled by Anthony Joshua but as fate would have its things did not work out that way.

    Ruiz did way better than what anyone expected and he delivered when it was time to deliver but not everyone saw his victory as what it was, skills and the will to win. One member of the media, Stephan A. Smith of ESPN took to Twitter in his annoying fashion to talk about a sport that he does not know much about.

    “[Oh my God! Oh my God!] I cant believe this shit,” stated Smith via Twitter. “Anthony Joshua – holder of 3 belts gets TKO’d by Butterbean… I mean some dude named Andy Ruiz Jr. What a damn disgrace. Joshua looked completely gassed! More fatigued than hurt! Now how in the hell did you let that happen? How?”

    Smith continued, “I’m sick over this. For myself! For fight fans and especially for Deontay Wilder who should have been the one to administer this TKO. I’m so freaking disgusted right now.”

    While Smith may rant and rave from what he sees and he believes he should do some research. Boxing is not a swimsuit competition where whoever appears to be in top physical condition is going to be the winner. Just because Joshua won Olympic gold does not mean he is the better fighter. Ruiz had 160 fights in the amateurs whereas Joshua had only 68. Ruiz is the more experienced fighter though he does not hold Olympic gold. To say Joshua was more gassed than hurt, oh no my friend he was tired…tired of getting hurt and knocked down.

    Smith was so full of it even Canelo called him out on it.

    “[Another] unbeliever more that is carried away by fanaticism and ignorance without having the minimum knowledge of what boxing means,” stated Canelo in regards to Smith and his comments.

    After backlash, Smith has tried to backtrack and say his comments were not what everyone took them to be but his true colors have shown and there are many that won’t buy into what he says either from here on or did, not in the past and will continue not to.