Stevens-N’Dam in Doubt?

    692  recently got in contact with Curtis Stevens/ trainer Andre Rozier to ask about the negotiations for his fighter’s expected bout with Hassan N’Dam in September. Despite being a self confessed pessimist, without a confirmed date, location or television network in place, Rozier can be forgiven for not sounding too convinced that the fight would take place at all.
    “This won’t be the first time somebody’s won a purse bid and couldn’t follow through on the fight,” stated the trainer. 
    He did however still sound excited about the prospect of the fight, and very much has a game plan in place. “I’m gonna prepare him to stay on N’Dam not giving him room to breathe, and to apply constant pressure.”
    With the end goal for Stevens to get another chance against the man of the moment Gennady Golovkin. However with the Kazakhs stock rising so high, a fight with Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin could be a more viable option and that’s also a fight Stevens has tweeted about recently.