Sulem Urbina On The Olympics, Plans On Turning Pro And Being Inspired By Her Brother


Sulem Urbina is currently one of the brightest female amateurs in the world with a current amateur record of 55 wins and 10 losses and is the current Mexican national champion for 112 pounds at the age of 23. To say that she is a star in the making would be a bit of an understatement due to Mexico’s passion and dedication to boxing.

But the road to amateur stardom has not been easy for the Hermosillo born fighter. Women’s boxing does well in many countries, Mexico included but in the U.S. it receives minimal attention and respect and to Urbina that has been the biggest challenge.

“The biggest challenge for me since I have begun boxing is that being a woman in the sport, sometimes we do not receive the respect we should,” said Urbina.

Amateur boxers usually have two dreams, to go pro and to go to the Olympics. Both are dreams for Urbina but her current goal is to represent Mexico in the Olympics but if an opportunity arose to turn pro and challenge for a world title she would be all for it.

“My main amateur goal is the Olympics however, if anything comes up before that and I get the opportunity to turn pro, the main goal is to one day be a world champion.”

As to how long she will remain an amateur, the current outlook is three years. Until then she is enjoying the ride at the top and has enjoyed the opportunity to tour the world and represent for her people.

“Since winning nationals in Mexico I have had the opportunity to travel internationally with team Mexico and it feels great to be representing my country.”

Some fighters take competition in the ring serious while others want to find easy fights and easy money. When Sulem Urbina turns pro she will not care about names and instead cares about facing the best competition out there to see how good her skills are and if she stand with or above the rest out there.

“There really aren’t any specific names. I just hope that when I turn pro I get to fight nothing but the best. I want to match myself up and see where I stand with them.”

Motivation comes easy. Neither money nor fame drives Sulem. Family is all she needs to move forward and her brother Alexis whom was a standout amateur as well until he passed away last year has been her biggest motivation.

“My family and loved ones motivate me every day but my brother Alexis Urbina whom passed away on September 13th is my biggest motivation. I want his story to be known and I do not want him to ever be forgotten. ”

Big things are expected to come from Sulem in the future and she promises to give her all and excite boxing fans. She is fiery inside the ring and humble outside of it.

“When you see me fight expect to see an exciting fight. I like to give boxing fans a great show. Always expect me to do my best and nothing less. I’m grateful to all those whom support me in my career. ”

You can follow Sulem Urbina on Twitter and Instagram @suelemurbina