SuperMex VS Smoke ‘Em Out Jay: The Can’t-Miss Showdown of BW’s 9


It is fight week for all the participants of Border Wars 9 in Irving, Texas and we are set for some big-time matchups. One of the most anticipated matchups is the heavyweight showdown between Joseph “SuperMex” Rodriguez and Josh “Smoke ‘EM Out Jay” Brown Sr.

This fight, which will act as the co-feature of the December 5th event, cements the very essence of Border Wars with both men actively working to create a healthier version of themselves. Still, fight fans can expect massive leather to be thrown in this one—this is TBV’s unofficial pick for ‘Fight of the Night.’

In fact, the Plainview, Texas native SuperMex is no stranger to producing “Fight of the Year” contenders as he did in his 2019 classic with Santiago at Border Wars 6. What SuperMex was able to accomplish in that fight registered beyond wins and losses, he was able to fortify his position as a no-nonsense, action fighter.

While Supermex earned the respect of his contemporaries in his very first round of Border Wars, it is this upcoming fight with “Smoke Em Out Jay” that could produce the most formidable version of the Mexican-style fighter. He has begun working with J&J Fight Club and longtime TBV caller Joshua “J-Mac” Macon Sr.

SuperMex admits that the benefits of a real fight camp have resulted in a newfound discipline—a discipline that is otherwise harder to come by when training yourself.

“The biggest difference in this camp is having a coach,” SuperMex told TBV in an exclusive interview. “[A Coach] that holds me accountable for my actions when we’re not together at the gym. J-Mac is a no-nonsense guy and that’s what I need. We’re gonna be a modern-day tandem of De La hoya training with Floyd Sr.”

While J-Mac and SuperMex have put real work inside the gym, it is the accountability that his coach holds him to outside of the gym that could be the difference in this fight. Coach J-Mac insists on SuperMex completing his drills and sticking to a strict diet.

With the fight fast approaching, it is important to remember that the version of SuperMex we see on fight night is only part of a larger transformation for the longtime fight fan. SuperMex has shed an impressive amount of weight already, but he hopes to keep the weight loss going as he strives for his best version.

“I feel physically and mentally the best I have felt in quite some time. Obviously, at 300 plus pounds, I’m not in the best shape YET, but I do feel good and I think that’ll show in the ring come December 5th.”

Regardless of his long-term goals, Supermex is ready for his opponent. He knows the business at hand and he is confident in his skills. As the fighter with a sort of home-field advantage, there is a certain amount of pressure that goes with it—not to mention he is fighting on the same card as his brother “Machine Gun” Matt. We have seen the Charlo brothers compete on the same card and while it can add a fire in the belly of each sibling, it can also be taxing mentally. SuperMex is excited about the prospects of sharing the card with his brother.

“I think [Jay] is a good guy. Number one, he is very big and very powerful and a former athlete so that tells me he’s got that competitive drive and he’s putting in the work to come to my home state and win, which is exactly what I need in an opponent to stay motivated. If I don’t train and prepare the right way then ‘Smoke em out J’ is the kind of guy who can make it a short night for SuperMex and that is up to me to keep that from happening.”

For Smoke Em Out Jay, it will be his Border Wars debut. However, Jay is from the fight capital of the world in Las Vegas where he trains with Border Wars alum Eddie Narvaez. He is on his own transformation journey and his dedication will not go unnoticed as he revs up the fight camp leading into the final week.

“For this camp, [it’s about] just staying motivated reaching the goal of losing weight and getting back healthy and staying healthy,” Smoke Em Out Jay said in a recent interview with TBV. “The one thing I’m looking to approve is my boxing skills and my overall health is the most important thing.

“I feel great right now. I’m definitely more active feeling light on my feet. This camp is just the start for me. We [are] going keep working and lose this weight.”

Jay has a real desire to compete and while he appreciates his opponent taking the fight, he assures Supermex that he will have his “hands full” on December 5th. For some, Border Wars is something they do in between life, but Jay has other plans. He realizes that this is the second chance he’s been waiting for and all he needed was the excuse to get himself in the best shape possible.

“What got me excited is I feel my competitive fire coming back, something I’ve been missing. [At] Border Wars 9, I get to step in the ring for the first time and see what I can do. Losing this weight, I’ve been holding on to for the last 10 years is over and that in and of itself is a great situation and getting to compete again it’s special to me.”

Jay will have to compete against a fighter with a storied history in Border Wars. Despite the fact that there will be no fans permitted at the event, Jay will still have to deal with the 4-Horsemen—a group of Texas fighters made up of Marvin (Champion), Cruz, Matt, and Supermex himself.

The group, named after the famed wrestling stable, is a faction that came together following the events of Border Wars 4. They are some of the most popular names within Border Wars and, for the first time, they are all scheduled to compete on the same card.

As a longtime listener to TBV, Jay has his own plans and he refuses to play a bit role to the 4-Horsemen. In fact, Jay assures TBV that he is ready to “smoke out” the entire heavyweight division, starting with SuperMex, and perhaps continuing with a certain host that reigns over the heavyweight division.

“I’ve been watching and listening to Thaboxingvoice for a long time, so I look forward to meeting everybody, and whatever host is in the heavyweight division I’m here to SmokeEmOut.”