Tank Davis: Imitator or Innovator?


    By: Julio Garcia

    Three years has passed since Floyd Mayweather last stepped foot into a boxing ring as a professional fighter.  Last night’s fight between Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz Felt like a Mayweather fight fue to several circumstances.

    The lead up to the fight we saw a lot of talking happening from Floyd himself.  Of course he is the promoter and it’s his job to promote but it seems that the figure of Floyd Mayweather overshadowed the fighters in the build-up.  The next thing that we saw was Davis coming to the ring wearing an outfit reminiscent of when Mayweather fought Oscar De La Hoya which in turn was the fight that made Mayweather a Pay Per View star.  During the fight, Davis showed some dirty tactics which was reminiscent to many fans of Mayweather with his elbow (in this case Santa Cruz being thrown down).

    There will never be another Floyd Mayweather as long as many of us will live but it was quite obvious that there were several similarities in place. Whether that was purposeful or not it sure as hell seemed it to be.  That’s not what boxing fans want and it’s not what boxing fans need.

    There are several ways that one can work themselves into becoming a star  and the road is never easy.  De La Hoya fought in the Olympics and won gold medals.  Mayweather turn himself into the ultimate villain, fought and beat De La Hoya.  Manny Pacquiao  annihilated almost everyone they put in front of him.  They were individuals who carved their own path  which is what Davis needs to do  so that he can stand on his own own and not being his promoter shadow. You have to dare to be great. You can either innovate  or imitate and we want to see something else.

    “To be a star you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness for that is when the stars shine brightest.”