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Tavoris Cloud Aims To Play Father Time Against Hopkins

Jacqueline Purcell Monday, February 25, 2013 Featured No Comments
Tavoris Cloud Aims To Play Father Time Against Hopkins

Tavoris Cloud seems to be a monster. Often refereed to as a “Mini Mike Tyson” it is easy to see his power in his record. With twenty-four wins and zero losses Cloud has won 19 of his fights by way of knock out, an astonishing KO ratio that equals about 78%. But whom, really in terms of mainstream boxing, has he fought? That wont be the question if he wins on March 9th. Cloud is set to face the legendary Bernard Hopkins at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center for his IBF Light Heavyweight title. If he wins, many say that Hopkins will retire, and that Cloud will go down in history as the “Legend Killer.” If he loses, the validity of his record will be called into question once again.

Cloud’s record as of late consists of wins over an older Glen Johnson, 13-year veteran Yusaf Mack, and a split decision victory over Gabriel Campillo. Cloud has been vocal to the media about his need to fight more and add to his resume, but as the lone standout in the shrunken Don King stable, it seems to prove challenging for the boisterous promoter. King, who is known for his sequin coats and ever-present legal troubles, has faith in his fighter believing he can quiet Hopkins, who was also at one time promoted by King.

After splitting with his long time trainer Al Bonnani, and now working with known trainer Abel Sanchez, Cloud believes that changing his training methods for this fight, like taking his camp to Big Bear, CA, will be successful telling Ring Magazine that Hopkins “Won’t know what he’s up against.”

A lot of people don’t know what Hopkins is up against based on Cloud’s record. He has not faced, and legitimately beat, a major name in the light heavyweight division. So, will this be a soft touch for the elder challenger? Or a coming out party for “Mini Tyson”?  Considering that his last win was thought of as a gift by the boxing community, and that he is coming off of a thirteen-month layoff this fight means something for Cloud.

As previously mentioned his record does not really hold anyone in his age range, so the age difference between him and Hopkins shouldn’t play a factor. Providing he puts on an impressive showing, will a win cement him as simply a fighter who can only beat old men? There have been talks of fights between Cloud and names like Jean Pascal and Chad Dawson. Assuming that one of those fights would be a next step after beating Hopkins it might be interesting to see how King’s last great hope will hold up. Would the end of Cloud be the end of King?  These things remain to be unknown, and in this case only time, or father time, will tell.

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