Teddy Atlas says Ryan Garcia was a man on a mission against Campbell


By: Julio Garcia

While the boxing world weighs in on what transpired between Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell, there are things we can’t deny. Garcia was tested. Campbell is not a pushover.  Garcia stepped up when he needed to.

Several boxing “experts” (boxing Twitter) have their opinions but watching boxing and actually knowing the sport inside and out is more valuable when it comes to opinions. 

Teddy Atlas knows his s**t when it comes to boxing. You may not agree with everything he says and does, but decades of knowledge exists in that brain of his. Atlas believed Garcia was a man on a mission. It wasn’t a squeaky clean performance but like when Spence fought Brook you knew there was an animal in there just waiting to get out (no, nothing like letting the Tiger out of the cage a la Algieri). 

“Ryan Garcia tonight reminded me of when Spence went to London to fight Brooke,” Tweeted Atlas. “It wasn’t his best overall performance, but you just knew in the end he wasn’t leaving without the Title. Garcia had that same feel and look tonight. On a Mission.”