Teddy Atlas takes a shot at DAZN’s upcoming schedule


    By: Julio Garcia

    Coronavirus has taken a toll on every major sporting outlet around the world.  Games and seasons haven’t canceled, fans are unable to attend or there’s limited attendance in some cases.  Overall though, it’s been very disappointing for fans and athletes alike.

     For the boxing community, it has been devastating. Many fighters have no other source of income and smaller promoters can end up on the verge of going the bank route and losing everything.  Those promoters and networks that do put on a show though need to step their game up as it seems that there hasn’t been much of an effort into putting these shows together without fans in attendance.

    Online streaming service DAZN  is no exception to this list.  There was the time when they were being touted as the next best thing in boxing but when the world shut down so did a lot of their matchmaking and to put on a show.

    “Looking at DAZN calendar for future flights, I think I’ll be watching a lot of football,” stated Teddy Atlas. 

    While there are some decent fights coming out, there are few and too little coming out at any time To really get excited over.   If the promoters/networks and the fighters can get together and get great fights made then a lot of us including Teddy Atlas will be happier instead of having to go elsewhere for entertainment.