Tha Boxing Voice Week in Review


    images (2)K9 Beats Down Molina

    In what was actually a decent fight this past Saturday, Cornelius Bundrage thoroughly out boxed and beat up Carlos Molina in Mexico. This was a bit of a surprise because most of us expected an ugly fight with holding and rough house tactics but K9 turned out to have more boxing skills than we gave him credit for. Molina disappointed in a big way as he was lackluster to say the least. This now sets up a line of fighters at 154lbs who will be trying to get in line to face what they may see as the weakest of the champs in the division. As long as K9 gets paid I don’t see too big of a gripe in it. I’m sure Al Haymons fighters will be jockeying for position and he will be willing to pay to get them a title shot.

    Jermaine Taylor Did Okay!

    This past Wednesday on ESPN2 Jermaine Taylor resurrected his career with a unanimous decision win over Sam Soliman to claim a belt at 160lbs. He did not look like the Taylor of old as he was very sloppy and he never truly got hit hard in the head so we still don’t know what level his punch resistance will be at. Nonetheless I can see Haymon getting him in the ring with Peter Quillin so that Quillin can get a title since he gave up his WBO to make Haymon happy. I just hope Taylor does not get hurt bad in the process and suffer permanent injuries just to appease Haymon’s plan.

    Robinson Castellanos Destroys Rios

    I won’t front and act like I knew much about Ronny Rios but just by watching the fight on Friday night if you asked who the prospect was and who was the journeyman I would of said the prospect was Castellanos. He put a whoopin on Rios and set him back a long ways in the process. Rios must be commended for having a huge heart and not quitting but that still didn’t win him the fight. He was thoroughly outclassed and should immediately go back to the drawing board. In Castellano’s case he should be lined up for bigger and better things. He has played the role of spoiler now for 2 fights in a row and should be given a decent pay day. He kind of reminds me of Orlando Salido in that he has a record that doesn’t do his skills justice. Either way I look forward to seeing him again in the near future.

    Anthony Joshua is Getting Better

    Across the pond in the UK heavyweight prospect Anthony Joshua racked up another win and another KO. He is seemingly improving with every fight but he still has some work to do. His inside fighting is not very good and he likes to smoother himself when he gets close. On the outside he keeps his hands way too low for my liking. He still has time to fix those issues so I am not too worried at this point but if he does not continue to progress he will get a rude awakening when he gets to world level competition. Promoter Eddie Hearn is talking about fights with David Haye and that Joshua is one of the best heavyweights out there already, but I wouldn’t pick him against David Tua right now let alone David Haye. He just needs to be brought along slowly and allowed to develop and he will be fine.

    Hernandez Underwhelms

    Across the Pond on Saturday cruiserweight titlist Yoan Pablo Hernandez took on Firat Arslan in a decent fight. Hernandez is recognized by some as the number one guy at cruiser but he put on a very underwhelming performance that some saw him losing. While I thought he earned the decision I also thought that there is no way he is beating Marco Huck who should be recognized as the best fighter at cruiser. Huck KOed Arslan in his last fight out and he has more than enough skills and power to beat Hernandez. Once Huck makes history by breaking the cruiserweight title defense record he should unify with Hernandez so we can have a true lineal champ at cruiser.

    Mayweather Needs to be Quiet

    Mayweather came out this week and said that any comments made by anyone but himself and Al Haymon basically are not true. He even went as far as to say that if his father does not stop talking about who he may fight, he will find a new trainer. So I’m guessing that all of the sudden Floyd has revoked the freedom of speech right from Floyd Sr. and anybody else who speculates about who he may fight in the future. Come on man! That is ridiculous. Everyone knows that you are your own boss and you make your own decisions (when Al tells you to) so why even come out and talk about replacing your trainer just for saying who he thinks you may fight. Why not take the high road and just say that it is his opinion and not yours? This type of stuff from Floyd is getting old to me. At the rate he is going he is going to have no friends left and only leeches. People don’t make new and trustable friends over night and rich people don’t make new and trustable friends ever! To get rid of all your old friends and buy new ones is not a good look and will most likely cost you in the long run. My suggestion would be to just be quiet and do you without acting a fool. Then again my name is not Al so I doubt you would listen to me. Oh well. I tried.

    Oscar Needs to be Quiet Too!

    With me, Oscar is at the same level as Floyd right now. They both need to shut the hell up. Oscar has been a notorious Floyd hater for the longest time. I am tired of hearing that “if I was 28” blah, blah, blah crap and all the other put downs he likes to throw at Floyd. The fact of the matter is that if you were 28 you would have still got your butt whooped by Floyd. Dude you only won 3 rounds in that fight so give it up. Floyd wasn’t even in his prime in that fight and he backed up to the ropes so you could windmill punches that kept missing. Why don’t you save your energy for keeping Al Haymon from giving us the Garcia – Salka type fights (yeah I’m never letting that go) and start giving us quality match ups again? For now I will take you just being quiet and not saying stupid stuff. Is that too much to ask?

    GGG versus Rubio Next Week

    I forgot to mention this fight in my article last week but if I did it would have went like this. GGG is going to destroy Marco Antonia Rubio. I don’t see this bout going past 6 and if it truly is going to be fought Mexican style then Rubio might not make it past 4. This is not a knock on Rubio by any means but I just think that GGG is too skilled and too powerful for anyone in the middleweight division right now. I actually think Canelo would have a better chance against GGG than any current middleweight and hopefully we get to see that fight in the future. As for the present. GGG gets another KO and Cotto, Quillin and the rest of the middleweight division gets scared.

    That’s all we got for this week but that is by far not all there was to talk about. Make sure that you catch the Boxing Voice weekly radio show live every Thursday and Sunday starting at 7pm (EST) or catch the podcast to get more insight and opinions on the world of boxing.