Tha Boxing Voice Week in Review


All in all this is a great time to be a boxing fan no matter what. We have super fights like this past weekend and more to come. We not only have the fights to look forward to but the element of the unknown as well. What will happen with Golden Boy? Will the Cold War end? Who will Floyd fight? All we know is that boxing has a loud and thunderous voice and right now no one can deny hearing its roar.

Cotto Rises

Well let me be the first to say I was wrong. Cotto dominated Sergio in a way we have never seen and he made Sergio look super old amd ineffective. Yes Sergio looked like a shadow of his former self with the bad knees but it was more about what Cotto did versus what Sergio couldn’t. Cotto was smart, fast, powerful and just plain better than Sergio on Saturday night and he deserves all the credit just like Sergio gave him. I just want to know how in the hell did Cotto lose to Trout?

Who’s Next?

So who is next for Cotto? Canelo, GGG, Money? I am not sure who it is but this much is true. More than anyone else in boxing Cotto has the Golden ticket. Yes that includes Mayweather! Besides Manny there is no one else that would bring more Money to Floyd than Cotto right now, same for the rest I mentioned. With Golden Boy and Top Rank seemingly working together again the possibilities are plentiful for Cotto right now. As long as it is not a ridiculous catch weight fight or a Timothy Bradley fight next for Cotto, it should be another huge fight for boxing.

Golden Boy Under New Management

Well it finally happened this week, Richard Schaefer has left Golden Boy. Oscar now has the task of sorting out the mess and parts of boxing are in limbo. What really happened? Who knows! I am just anxious to see where it goes from here. I love the prospect of Top Rank and Golden Boy fighters fighting each other but since no one truly knows how many Golden Boy fighters are left, that may not be so great after all. The unknown part that has everyone worried is what happens to all the Haymon fighters and what promoter do they work with? If Mayweather Promotions doesn’t have a promoters license then who promotes Haymon’s fighters? Who will Floyd fight next if he won’t work with Golden Boy except for Canelo? There are seemingly a lot more questions than there are answers at this point and we should find out very soon the path to which this process is headed. Hopefully there is no more cold wars and we can get good fights but I am neither a fool nor a dummy so I won’t hold my breath.

Substandard Undercard….Again!!!!

Man the pay-per-view undercard sucked once again. Sonsona was horrible! Somebody needs a natural ass whoopin’ for putting him as the co-main. I don’t want to see him on Telemundo let alone a HBO again. Andy Lee had a great 1 punch KO and should have been elevated on the card just for his name value alone.

Canelo versus Lara

We are truly fortunate to have another HUGE fight coming up with Canelo and Lara. This fight has the potential to be very good or very bad I think. If Lara runs and tries to outbox Canelo it will be a long boring night. But if Canelo can track him down or even make Lara come to him, it will be a good fight. I am going with Canelo after watching him against Trout and Angulo because he showed me things that I did not think he could do. Against Floyd I think the big stage and the weight played small factors in his demise but I feel he has learned from them. Either way Canelo has made me a fan because of his willingness to fight anyone.

Speaking of Canelo

Canelo came out and shot down the catch weight fight with Manny this week. I am glad he realized that he shouldn’t sacrifice himself again and he doesn’t need to. Manny needs Canelo and not the other way around. If Manny really wants the fight he will take it at 154 or go “kick rocks”. Same should go for Floyd next time if Canelo is smart.

Chad Dawson Returns

It looks like Chad Dawson is returning on the Guerrero-Kamegai card on June 21st which adds to an already strong card. I hope this has been in the works for a while and just released now because if a world class fighter like Dawson is taking fights on 3 weeks’ notice then things are worse than they already seem for him. If nothing else you have to respect Dawson for fighting all comers and wanting the best, even if he had bad business sense about it.

Frampton-Martinez Rematch to Happen

The only complaint I have is the rematch happening in Belfast because I wish both of these guys could get the exposure they deserve by fighting in the USA. Nonetheless this should be another good fight and should be on HBO. Hopefully it will air live though and not tape delayed (see Froch-Groves II).

That’s all we got for this week but that is by far not all there was to talk about. Make sure that you catch the Boxing Voice weekly radio show live or the podcast to get more insight and opinions on boxing.