The Krusher and Rios-Chaves War Preview

    Danny Garcia will be fighting Rod Salka at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on August 9. The fight will headline a lackluster card, which will be broadcasted by Showtime. Leading up to this fight spoke with the flamboyant father and trainer of Danny Garcia, Angel Garcia.
    This isn’t the first time Danny Garcia and Rod Salka will meet in the ring. Rod Salka, currently a lightweight with a record of 19 victories and 3 losses, lost to Garcia back in 2003 in an attempt to qualify for the national championships. But Angel made sure that they aren’t going to underestimate their opponent. ”I remember vaguely that we beat him back in 2003. But we aren’t going to take anything lightly. We know that he’s going to be prepared. We are going to be prepared. Training camp is great. I have never seen Danny this great in camp. He isn’t even getting hit in sparring.”
    The fight will take place at a 142-pound catchweight limit. Whether this was decided before or after the WBC made their decision to not sanction this fight is unclear to the trainer. ”I can’t stop what is going on behind close doors with Golden Boy, Showtime and the WBC. All i can do is train my fighter. And like i said, training camp is going great.”
    If the fact that this fight will take place above the light-welterweight limit means that we are never going to see Garcia at that weight again, is uncertain at this point. Angel Garcia told us, ”what we will do after this fight depends on what happens on August 9 and on the weigh inn.” He later continued, ”my plan is to built Danny into an welterweight. But we are going to decide what we will do next after this fight.”
    About the criticism on Danny Garcia’s performance in his last fight against Mauricio Herrera and the demand from fight fans for a rematch, Angel Garcia was clear. “It was an awkward night. Herrera was coming in with the jab and the head butt at the same time.  But he never hurt Danny and he didn’t beat Danny. I looked at this fight five times. Herrera won 3 or 4 rounds. You don’t win a fight winning only 4 rounds.” The animated Angel Garcia continued, “people just don’t like Danny. When another young fighter is having a bad fight or takes a loss, they tap him on the back. But not with Danny.”
    Angel sees no need for a rematch with the Mexican. ”Why rematch Herrera, when Danny beat all the killers?”