The Price Fighters Pay When They Give Too Much


When you look throughout history violence has been a form of entertainment. The Roman Coliseum has a bloody history to entertain the emperor and the people. The Olympic games were all based on combat. Wrestling and grappling with a foe, the javelin is just like throwing a spear at your enemy and boxing was part of those games. Any and every form of violence known to man was used in competition and the people loved to watch it.

When you as a fan look at boxing you realize that  is a beautiful yet savage sport. The more violent and bloody a fight the happier the fans are. A fight gets stopped early and fans or even a fighter may think it was the wrong call but in turn it could be the difference between life and death for a fighter. Let a fighter go out on his shield and the fighter will more than likely receive high praise for taking a savage beating but the short term or long term effects could be costly for the fighter.

Within the last month there have been two cases  in which fighters took a tremendous amount of punishment which has been life changing and life ending.

Javier Leal went out on his shield and lost his life at the hands of one of his friend Raul Hirales. The loss of Leal’s life has placed a tremendous amount of tragedy on Leal’s family and on his friend Hirales. Now, another family may end up going through the same thing as Leal’s family.

Last Saturday Magomed Abudusalamov was more than willing to fight even though his body took tremendous amounts of punishment. He was clearly being brutalized but continued fighting on even though his efforts had no effect. His corner and the referee saw the state that he was in but did not call the fight. In turn, they did not do their job which was to protect the fighter. Abudusalamov went to the hospital after the fight due to injuries. He suffered brain damage due to the beating he took and because of a blood clot in the brain was placed into a medically induced coma. While in his comatose state Abudasalamov suffered a stroke and is on life support. Blood clots are a terrible affliction, it should never be onset by the lack of protection from the referee. Let’s keep blood clots for old age, after we’ve had the time to read on Boxing gloves should never cause this.

Boxers put themselves in harm’s way to earn a living to provide for themselves and the ones around them and while no one forces them lace up their gloves we watch and we want to see someone win and someone lose. We want to see knockouts for our entertainment but do not consider the health of those who are taking the risks. When fighters give more than they should and their lives are at risk and no one does anything about it to who is to blame and what changes can be made so fighters aren’t looked at as just a mule to work on the farm while the farmer (promoter) reaps the rewards.