Tom Loeffler Responds to Angel Garcia’s Comments about Golovkin


Like him or hate him, Angel Garcia is certainly a fascinating individual. The trainer and father of Danny Garcia, Angel has no problems telling it like he sees it, and he does so in the most theatrical manner possible.


In a recent interview with Thaboxingvoice’s Nestor Gibbs, Angel went in on a handful of topics, and a few of his comments struck a chord with others in boxing, namely the handlers of Gennady “GGG” Golovkin.


“Ain’t nobody know [GGG], only HBO knows him. No American people know him. They’re trying to make him seem like a killer. He’s good, but he ain’t fighting nobody. Danny fought all the killers and they put cherries on his page. [GGG] really got cherries,” Angel said.


When Angel mentions “cherries” he’s referring to cherry picking – a derogatory comment about a fighter who chooses the easier fights. Recently, Danny Garcia has been the victim of a troll on Instagram. The troll has posted cherries all over pictures and videos of Danny (you have to see it to understand), suggesting that Danny is a cherry picker.


Angel, who is understandably upset about the remarks towards his son, lashed out on Golovkin because he sees his resume and compares it to Danny’s and can’t understand why fans/media give Golovkin a pass.


“They’re trying to build a star where there is no star,” Angel said of Golovkin.


Those comments got the attention of Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions, Golovkin’s promoter, who took to Twitter to respond to Angel’s comments.


“Angel should focus on DSG (Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia) Boxing not GGG English after Danny lost to Herrera and Peterson #GiftGarcia Rematch Salka?” – @TomLoeffler1


Stay tuned for Angel’s response because you know it will be good.