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Trainer Manuel Robles Held Hostage In Tijuana, Then Freed

JulioGarcia Friday, September 20, 2013 Featured No Comments
Trainer Manuel Robles Held Hostage In Tijuana, Then Freed

On September 20th boxing trainer Manuel Robles lived what you would see in a motion picture. While doing business in Tijuana, Robles was being held hostage at a hotel. He was able to access Facebook while being held captive and seek help.

“please help held hostage real inn tijuana blvd agua caliente #11451 col hipodromo”

The above was the exact post that Robles posted which sent friends and family into a frenzy wondering whether it was true or if it was someone playing around with his account. After a short amount of time it was confirmed that the message was not a prank and that Robles was in serious danger.

After some hours passed a post from Robles showed up on Facebook confirming that he was indeed safe and on his way home from the terrifying experience.

” Thank God the nightmare is over, I’m ok now thanks to the feds and my good friends here in TJ. God is good.”

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