Triller Salty; Fires Shots At Showtime/Mayweather-Paul


    The concert-boxing wars were initiated tonight (June 6th) and Triller has fired the first shot, but let’s back it up a little first. What happened in order for Triller to do such a thing?

    Well, Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul had their exhibition match. Not just a fighter but an actual boxer fought a YouTuber in an exhibition match that was PPV. What happened before the main event? There was a live musical guest (Migos) and Mayweather was walked out by another musical guest. Oh let’s not forget, the main event was not worth the money people were being charged.

    Triller must have taken offense to this as they thought they had the market cornered on all of these fronts. They were so offended that they started firing out a series of Tweets towards Showtime.

    “You do you, I guess? #MayweatherPaul See you June 19 for a real boxing event. #TrillerFightClub”

    “Yo #MayweatherPaul No one can do fight club like #TrillerFightClub can do fight club. Just sayin…”

    “@showtime has participation trophies, we have real winners #TrillerFightClub #MayweatherPaul”

    “@showtime @announcethatsaidthat “bragging rights”… more like dragging fights #MayweatherPaul”

    “Did someone say the fight tonight was trash? #MayweatherPaul”

    First of all, this seems like it has Oscar De La Hoya written all over it. Ryan Kavanaugh and De La Hoya were even on Instagram live trashing the event.

    Look, we know the fight was trash but so has a majority of what we have seen on Triller. This upcoming fight card is legit solid but then Triller has to bring up dragging fights… how about dragging these long-ass concerts that I and many others keep bitching about. We want fights! Some music is ok but you’re boring a good chunk of us to death! The participation trophies Tweet was absolute garbage as well because you made a special little belt and gave it to Jake Paul and then he left your ass. Sounds like Oscar may not be the only salty one here.

    If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. If you’re gonna act like a little kid and cry when someone does the same shit as you or does something better then kick rocks. A’int no place for you amongst men.