Tyson Fury Confident AJ Fight Gets Finalized in a Few Days


    There’s a lot of highly anticipated fights that boxing fans are waiting on but literally, the biggest one is a showdown between the “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

    With the global pandemic closing down events with live attendance it limits locations and possible revenue to fund such a major event. If Covid measures were not in place these two giants could fill any size stadium in the UK. With the Covid measures attendance will be limited or none but that does not mean that the money is not there as some players with fat bankrolls have me offers and we may get a date in the near future.

    “There’s a few good offers on the table over been told from a few different countries which is exciting news for me,” Fury told Michelle Phelps. “I’ve always been quite skeptical of it all like before I’ve been told there’s quite a few big offers on the table from a few major players so very interested and excited to finally hear what they are.” “I’m pretty confident this fight is going to get made in the next few days because from what I’ve heard there’s some big players involved and there’s some very big offers coming in from some very rich people in some very rich countries so I’m sure that they’re going to be good offers.”

    The near future could be anytime but if it could be announced here and now fans would be able to rejoice.  Fury wants to wait until Tuesday otherwise he may be forced to move on. The two fighters had agreed to terms last June but Fury had to get by Deontay Wilder first. 

    “If I don’t know anything by Tuesday I’m just going to move on because it’s been a long time in the making. It was in June when I made that video when I said we agreed to terms to fight Joshua. Like we both agreed to fight but I had to fight Wilder first.  That was a year ago…nearly a year ago.”

    While Tuesday is the deadline that Fury set he seems rather confident that the fight will indeed get made, it’s just a matter of where and when.

    “I think it will 100% happen. 1 million % happen and I think we will know in the next couple of days who, what, where and when. Not who but what, where and when.”