Tyson Fury shreds Eddie Hearn for backing Canelo over Saunders


    Loyalty can only get you so far in life but it’s not everything. Loyalty can be bought and sold. In different sports loyalty changes like diapers on a baby. Players switch teams, fighters change trainers, and promoters and promoters more than often have money as their priority.

    Eddie Hearn promotes Billy Joe Saunders. Saunders is about to fight Canelo in the biggest fight of his career. Hearn seems to be more favorable towards Canelo. 

    When you look at it Canelo brings more to the table. Money, boxing fans, viewers. The odds are greatly in his favor.

    Despite what Canelo brings to the table which is a huge difference between he and Saunders, Tyson Fury is upset due to the treatment Canelo gets over Saunders. Fury referenced a few times Hearn sucking off Canelo a few times and pointed out the fact that Hearn items favorable to Canelo over Saunders.

    “This is another message to Eddie the tit Hearn,” stated Fury via social media.  “Eddie, talking about me living in the old chalet in Vegas wearing Versace shirts. Yes, I’m absolutely guilty. Eddie I’m over here and me 6,000 square foot hotel room wearing Versace every single day. You know, if you keep sucking Canelo off, you’ll be able to go a couple of these shirts yourself, mate, or if you, uh, If you want, I can borrow you in a couple.

    Don’t worry about it. And maybe give you a little bit of swag too. Anyway, keep sucking Canelo and when my boy, Billy Joe Saunders gives him an absolutely boxing lesson and knocks him out you’re going to have egg on your face while you’re backing the wrong horse. You’re backing Mexican over the Britt.”