Vanessa Bradford On Alycia Baumgardner Fight: It’s Going To Be A F*cking War!


    Boxing careers can last a long time if your lucky. The shelf life of a boxer varies on how much damage they take during a fight and how many fights they have.

    Vanessa Bradford (5-2-2) has been a professional boxer for eleven years now but has only nine fights in her entire career. Injuries and a lack of opportunity have been a common occurrence to prevent Bradford from fighting at times but when she does get the opportunity she makes the best of it.

    This Saturday on August 14th Bradford will step into the ring after an almost two year absence (partially due to Covid shutting the world down) to take on Alycia Baumgardner (9-1, 6 KO’s) in Orlando, Florida. It’s a great opportunity for Bradford to establish herself against an opponent with such a huge following and who is also coming off a layoff of almost two years.

    “More than ready for Saturday Night Fight Night,” stated Bradford via social media. “Time to showcase what I do best, which is FIGHT! I’m bringing something different this time and it’s gonna be a fucking war!”

    Bradford last stepped in the ring against Tiara Brown losing a majority decision in a fight that was a lot closer than what two of the judges had (third judge had it a draw).

    You can watch Bradford – Baumgardner live this weekend on the FITE app at 7PM.