Vasyl Lomachenko…more like Lomabroner


No one from my generation likes to lose. If you grew up with participation trophies you might not know what losing is like. It sucks. We use it to motivate us to do better and even though some use excuses it is unacceptable to lose.

Vasyl Lomachenko lost for the second time in his career against Teófimo Lopez not long ago.  When the scorecards were read and all was said and done he did not protest much. He said he disagreed but needed to see the fight. Since seeing the fight, Lomachenko has thrown out some allegations which have hurt his credibility. 

“They knew that the possibility of a knockout from my side was around 20%,” stated Lomachenko. “What does it say? It’s about being bribed. There was nothing about honest judging.”

“I took one round for the first half of the fight and five rounds for the second one, namely rounds 7-11. We’ve got 6-6 which is a draw. If it’s a draw we use the unspoken rule of boxing, we look for rounds 10-12. I won two of them. It’s two to one.”

Truth is you can’t take off the first six rounds of a fight. If you don’t get knocked out or lose any rounds you can at least get a draw but the slightest slip up can cost you rounds. Your best hope is to score a knockout or a few knockdowns.

Lomachenko did neither. Maybe he bought into his own hype too much but he sounds an awful lot like Adrien Broner right now. If he can’t handle a loss then maybe he shouldn’t be competing and participate in activities where there are no winners or losers.