Vera: Fielding is out of my league


    Brian VeraWithin a fortnight, Texan super-middleweight Brian Vera (23-9, 14 KO’s) will travel to the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England to provide a respectable name on a homegrown fighter’s resume, when he takes on Rocky Fielding (20-0, 11 KO’s) over 12 rounds.

    Vera has mixed it with some hefty talent in his thirty-two fight pro career and even though he may have been drafted in by Matchroom Sports as cannon fodder, he told that Fielding is ill-equipped to deal with what he brings to the table.

    “This guy Rocky Fielding is making a huge mistake,” said Vera.

    “He is way out of his league here and so far in his career hasn’t fought anybody – also, as far as I can see, he can’t crack an egg.”

    Bear in mind this is a man who lives in the wheelhouse of his opponents and went twenty-two rounds with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

    He has a thick beard with just two stoppages in nine losses (one of which, against James Kirkland, he attributes to weight drain as he came in at a career low of 157 lbs., and never goes quietly.

    If he feels confident in taking Fielding’s power then the Cheshire man could be in trouble. Then again, there is believing and there is doing. Blatant disregard could just as easily get Vera halted hesitation.

    It is clear that Vera sees Fielding as a brittle wall he must vault to get back in amongst the big names within reaching distance.

    “This is the perfect opportunity and opponent to get back in the mix and I’m really excited about fighting in England for the first time and putting on a war for the fans.”

    His profile will be given a major boost in the UK if he does a number on a fighter who is seen as one of the better prospects around, and who could just be overlooking the dangers the visiting American poses with a tasty morsel lain in the distance.

    Alarmingly, Fielding’s next fight against local rival Callum Smith -for the vacant British super-middleweight title- has been scheduled three months after the Vera fight, and announced as well.

    Obviously Matchroom Sports need to plan well ahead given their busy schedule as the pre-eminent promotional outfit in the country, but they may just have taken it for granted that Fielding will look impressive here in haste to make the Smith fight.

    Also, you have to wonder if the fight is going to come down to a controversial decision if it goes the distance.

    Maybe Fielding smashes Vera to pieces in a career-best performance and his next fight with Smith gains more interest as a result, but all the evidence up to now points to Vera giving Fielding a hard night’s work at the very least.

    A loss or a hard-fought win could detract just as much as a decisive win may gain.