Vergil Ortiz Jr To Spence Critics: I Don’t Think Some Of Y’all Know How Serious A Torn Retina Is!


    Twitter is a toxic place. Boxing Twitter is cancerous but yet many of us pay so much attention to it. Whenever something happens in the sport it’s the place to go to get some information and shit tons of misinformation.

    Earlier today news broke that Errol Spence Jr. is out of his fight with Manny Pacquiao. It was a devastating blow to boxing fans around the world as so many other big fights have fallen through, been canceled or postponed.

    The reasoning for Spence pulling out of the fight was a torn retina in his left eye in which the NSAC discovered. Spence went to a few other doctors to get second and third opinions and each result came back the same and for that reason and his safety Spence had to pull out of the fight.

    Boxing Twitter was full of disappointment and understanding but it did not take long for haters to chime in. One of the biggest accusations was that Spence is ducking Pacquiao.

    It’s an absurd though but hey it’s the internet and online every idiot (including myself) can voice whatever morning though creeps into our brains.

    Fellow Texan Vergil Ortiz Jr. can’t believe what is coming out of people’s mouth’s (fingertips) about not knowing the seriousness that type of injury. An injury that has ended many careers of fighters and athletes from other sports.

    “I don’t think some of y’all know how serious a torn retina is,” stated Ortiz via Twitter. “Losing a lot of respect for everyone on here saying [Spence is] ducking.”

    Your health is nothing to fuck around with and one of the functions you don’t want to get too fucked up when you’re gone from the sport is your vision. It’s easy to point the finger when you’re not the one taking the risk.