Vic Darchinyan Is Not Ready For His Swan Song


Six years in the making, on November 9th at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, Vic Darchinyan gets his long awaited rematch against Nonito Donaire. In their first fight in July 2007, Donaire knocked Darchinyan out with a vicious left hook. Now six years and sixteen fights later, Darchinyan is a tough veteran and he thinks his experience is what makes this fight different than the first, he stated, “In 2007 there was the punch.  I jumped and Nonito got me with the left hook.  It was the only knockdown in my life – amateur or professional. Never been knocked down.  I jumped up right away.  If I take a couple of seconds on the floor to recover, maybe it would be a different outcome, you know?  I had no experience with a knockdown.  Now it is good – I have experience with it.  I want to say to everyone I have been waiting six years. It was my mistake and I have good skills and I have power and I will not make the mistake again.”

Donaire lost his WBO Super Bantamweight title to Guillermo Rigondeaux in April of this year. Since Donaire is coming off a loss and the first fight between him and Darchinyan ended in knockout, some have speculated that this is a showcase fight for Donaire to look good. Although Darchinyan said, “I feel as though I have been chosen.”

He also thinks the loss exposed Donaire’s weaknesses, he stated, ”I think he was exposed in his loss to Rigondeaux,” he continued. “He showed Nonito he can work him out from angles, punch him and I want to do the same.  In my mind I want to break him on a punch and of course I want to break him on a punch and knock him out.  I want the whole world to see the fight, love me or hate me, it’s my style and my style is my style and I want to show everything in the ring.”

Since their last meeting Darchinyan has been busy. He’s  won other titles and has faced top names. With all the rounds and fighters he has fought, he now knows what mistakes he made in the past. “Before the fight I was champion and I  made six defenses, five by knockout.  I wasn’t using my skills.  I wasn’t trying to use my skills.  I was just using my power and in the fourth round, he can fight.  I was being patient and working with my opponent for a couple of rounds then going for the knockout” he continued “ I think now I am a different fighter now – a smarter fighter.  I have to be patient and I have to take my time.  If he wants to try the left hook again – let’s see.  Boxing is sometimes a chess game.  Get your opponent to play your game then do your stuff.  I think I am going to show all the world and show all my skills.”

The 37 year-old Darchinyan has been a professional fighter since 2000 but he has a lot to prove and is preparing for the fight of his life, “I can run fifteen miles and I can go at top speed without tiring and then recovering.  My preparation has been very good thanks to my coach, who has great training sessions for me and I am very prepared.  Thirty-seven years old?  I don’t even feel that, I feel like I am 25.  I am not getting tired.  It’s about how you prepare yourself.”