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Victor Conte Believes Donaire Was Unfocused Against Rigondeaux, Rodriguez Outgrew 168 Pounds

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Victor Conte Believes Donaire Was Unfocused Against Rigondeaux, Rodriguez Outgrew 168 Pounds

Victor Conte has helped strengthen some of the best athletes in the world (legally and illegally). He has worked with a great deal of stars in boxing. From Shane Mosley and Fernando Vargas to Andre Berto to Nonito Donaire.

Conte worked with Donaire for some time but a month before Donaire would face Guillermo Rigondeaux, Donaire parted ways with Conte. Could Donaire’s departure from Conte have contributed to his poor performance against Rigondeaux? It’s possible but Conte feels focus was Donaire’s greatest downfall.

“We stopped working with Nonito a month before the Rigondeaux fight,” said Conte. “I just think too many distractions. He seemed slow and sluggish. There was a lack of focus. The preparation was not there. He didn’t study film. I think he took the fight lightly and he made a mistake. Nonito is an extremely talented guy but I think the amount of work he put in for both of those fights could have been more. I really think Nonito has a bright future if he gets back on track and he puts in 110% in preparation for his next bout.”

Conte also works with Edwin “La Bomba” Rodriguez who looked like a shell of his former self when he fought Andre Ward a couple weeks ago. Conte believes that there were no other factors besides Rodriguez draining himself to try and make weight.

“I’m sure he just outgrew the weight division. There is too much weight to cut. Edwin is a big boy. He pushed out all the water that he could but he just couldn’t make 168.”

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