Victor Ortiz Cast In The Expendables 3 But Will It Affect His Boxing Career?


    Victor Ortiz has been away from the ring for over a year after suffering a huge upset and a broken jaw when he faced off against Josesito Lopez. Since then he has kept busy but boxing has not been the main focus.

    Ortiz has gone on to pursue a rapping career, make a cologne, start an underwear line and appear on Dancing With The Stars. It has built up his popularity with females but male fans have strayed away from Ortiz and have deemed him a “quitter.”

    Though Ortiz has “quit” in the past who could blame him? Fans are quick to denounce Ortiz after refusing to continue when he suffered a broken jaw but how many people would actually continue fighting with that injury? Many will say they would but when it comes down to it they wouldn’t.

    Recently, Sylvester Stallone who has had one of his most notable roles as boxer Rocky Balboa announced that Ortiz would be joining the cast of The Expendables 3 alongside UFC fighter Ronda Rousey.
    Even though Ortiz has not announced his return date to the ring; which many speculate will take place in September, the distractions seem to keep mounting and boxing may end up taking a backseat. It’s good news for Ortiz. He has to have a life when he decides to retire from boxing but at this critical point in his career how will it affect him? Focus is one of the most important aspects in boxing and Ortiz is slowly losing his focus and if he loses his return bout his future could be in jeapordy.