Victor Ortiz’ Downward Spiral Continues, Hit With Rape Charge



    Julio Garcia

    Once upon a time, Victor Ortiz was regarded as one of the next big stars in boxing. He had looks, talent and was being heavily pushed by Oscar De La Hoya into the spotlight. Ortiz was on the fast track to fame and then Marcos Maidana came into the picture. The fight had all the signs of being a classic with each fighter knocking each other down continuously and rising to the occasion but was called off when Ortiz decided enough was enough and he did not want to take any more punishment.

    After the Maidana fight, Ortiz reputation took a huge blow and he was branded a quitter. It would take a lot for him to earn boxing fans respect back and when he stepped into the ring against Andre Berto and had another hellacious fight. This time ending up on the winning side. His popularity and his reputation began to thrive again. So much so, that he earned a fight with Floyd Mayweather, thrusting him into the spotlight like never before.

    The fight itself showed promise at the beginning but quickly became a farce. After receiving some elbows, Ortiz would headbutt Mayweather and then in the process of shaking hands he got knocked out. His reputation took another huge blow as the fight was built up to be something big but appeared to be more smoke and mirrors.

    Ortiz’ reputation took another massive blow as he was being lined up for a fight against Canelo Alvarez but was stopped by Josesito Lopez in the process after he suffered a broken jaw in their fight. Ortiz refused to come out of his Corner in between rounds even though he was clearly ahead on the scorecards again his reputation took a huge blow there and it seemed as if it may never recover

    After some time, Ortiz returned to the ring in a fight that actually meant something when he had a rematch with Andre Berto. Ortiz would lose that fight by knockout and then he would go on to fight Devon Alexander and get a draw in that fight. He did not look the best in that fight but he looks decent as both fighters were past their prime.

    Ortiz was slated to take on John Molina JR this Sunday but just a half a week away from the fight Ortiz career looks like it’s going to be over before he could step in the ring. He was accused of sexual assault on three different counts including rape. Any hopes for his career to have a comeback have dwindled tremendously. It is been a long fall from grace for the once promising star and it looks like this will be the end. Any and all credibility he has gained is gone forever.