Walter Castillo Wants To Venture Out Into The World For Better Fights And Better Paydays


    For some fighters there is no greater feeling than fighting at home but for many fighters in third world countries, they dream that their talent will take them all over the world and profit them in the process.

    Walter Castillo is Nicaragua’s top junior welterweight fighter that has been working his way up the ranks and has mainly fought at home all but twice which is something he would like to change in his career and lead to bigger and better things.

    “In 2014 I will be looking for a world title fight,” said Castillo. “I am hoping to get opportunities for big fights and on foreign lands. I want to fight outside of Nicaragua and don’t want to just fight here. I want to fight fighters that are skilled, technical and that would bring a better purse.”

    Castillo may partially get his wish this year as his handlers, Prodesa Promotions, plan on having Castillo begin to train in the United States for his upcoming bouts and if all goes well he will possibly fight there sometime this year or in 2015.