Walters-Marriaga Under Card Results: Reed Indeed Remains Undefeated


Mike “Yes Indeed” Reed, the 22yr old junior welterweight from Maryland, took on Luis Joel Gonzalez on the undercard of tonight’s HBO “Boxing After Dark” that features Nicholas Walters and Felix Verdejo fighting in separate bouts.


Reed started off very slow in the fight and was much more aware of what he was throwing. He was taking inventory of his power punches, which might’ve given his opponent a false sense of awareness.


Reed started gaining confident just as Gonzalez stopped moving his head altogether, not that he was doing it much to start with. Reed really opened up the power punches in the 4th round and he hurt Gonzalez, who was already cut open and swollen.


The 5th and 6th rounds were some of Reed’s best and he was making Gonzalez pay with uppercuts and straight lefts from the southpaw stance.


Gonzalez became a bit more aggressive, but Reed was never out of control.


The fight ended up going the distance and the judges scored the fight: 80-73 and 80-72 twice, all for Reed who is now 15-0 with 8KO/TKOs.