Warren Stops Game Araiza In Nine

010WarrenIMG_3670Rau’Shee Warren improved to (12-0 3 KO’s) by winning a unanimous decision over Jose Luis Araiza who drops to (34-9-1 25KO’s).  Warren throughout the fight took his time sticking out a pawing jab in order to try to score with the right hand.  At times he would run off combinations, but for the most part seemed content sticking out his measuring stick type of jab to set up a straight left or uppercut.  His opponent Araiza seemed as though his goal was just to go the distance and survive.  However, when Araiza did decide to throw the jab he was able to land it and Warren proved to be somewhat vulnerable to that punch.  It seems as though Warren needs a little improvement on defense since he would get hit  ever time Araiza decided to let go with some punches.
However, over all it was a good performance by Warren as he also managed to get a good looking knockdown in round 9 with two big left hands.  Warren seems like a talented kid, but he is still developing and needs to work on his defensive skills.  Only the future will tell if he will one day become a world champion.