Weights From Edmonton “Double Jeopardy”


    On Thursday May 30th the around 5:45 P.M. the fighters started pouring in to the conference room at the Marriot Courtyard Hotel in downtown Edmonton, Alberta Canada for the weigh in for their fights on the Double Jeopardy card that takes place at the Shaw Conference Centre Friday Night. The fighters came in smiling and greeting people in the crowd and seemed relaxed and ready for their fights.

    Ryan Molnar (debut) stepped on the scale first and weighed in at 133.6 pounds.

    Dave “Shaker” McQuaker (1-8-1) weighed in at 133 pounds even. The contracted weight was 135 pounds.

    Brandy Badry (1-4-0) stepped on the scale at 134.8 pounds. 0.8 pounds over the contracted weight limit.

    Vanessa Bradford (2-0-1) weighed in at 133.2 pounds.

    Max Gangne (2-1-1) weighed in at 174 pounds.

    Gary Kopas (3-5-0) weighed in 0.2 pounds over the contracted weight limit at 175.2 pounds.

    Cam O’Connel (2-0-1) weighed in 0.6 pounds over the contracted 135 weight limit at 135.6 pounds.

    Ryah Brigham (debut) weighed in at 134.6 pounds.

    Paul MacKenzie (3-0-1) weighed in at 193.2 pounds.

    Ty Macdougal (2-3-1) weighed in at 194 pounds.

    Both fighters made the contracted weight limit of 195 pounds.

    Steve Claggett (15-2-1) weighed in at 154.2 pounds. 0.2 pounds over the contracted weight limit.

    Paul Bzdel (4-2-1) weighed in at 150 pounds.

    Jelena Mrdjenovich (28-9-1) weighed in at 126.4 pounds. 0.4 pounds over the contracted 126 weight limit.

    Melissa Hernandez (18-3-3) made weight to defend her WBC championship belt at 123 pounds.