Weights From Nicaragua: Walter Castillo 144, Oscar Arenas 142


The fight between Nicaraguan Walter Castillo (22-2, 15 KO’s) and Mexican Oscar Arenas (26-8, 23 KO’s) has become a rivalry due to the fighters pride and egos after taking verbal jabs at one another.

Castilllo weighed in at 144 pounds and Arenas weighed in at 142 pounds.

Even though Castillo is the hometown favorite he is the underdog even though much is not known about Arenas.

“This Mexican said he will knock me out,” said Castillo. “He says he has power and he can hurt me but we will see if it is true. His talk is just words in the wind to me.”

Undercard weights:

Roger Callado (11-1-4, 6 KO’s) and Alcides Martinez (11-2-7, 6 KO’s) both weighed in at 105 pounds.

David “Tweety” Morales (8-3, 8 KO’s) 126 pounds, Lenin Tellez (7-15, 4 KO’s) 125 pounds.

Micharl Mora and Elvis Ramirez 140 pounds.

Gerson Ortiz snf Layman Benavides 106 pounds.