What We Learned From Canada’s Mega Fight: Bute-Pascal


    Going into the fight between Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal there were many questions about both fighters that needed to be answered and while some of the questions were answered other questions arose.

    Lucian Bute and his future had to be the biggest question going into the fight. After suffering a devastating knockout loss to Carl Froch in 2012 Bute’s career was in jeopardy. Could his chin take a punch and could he still compete at the top level and could he continue fighting on as a top seeded fighter?

    In the loss to Pascal some questions were answered. His chin could take the blows from the heavier Pascal but had Pascal of been more active could he have of finished the fight on his feet? Bute was able to compete at times but his confidence in himself is not there. He could still possibly fight top ten fighters at 168 pounds but not against Andre Ward or Carl Froch and he seems too small for light heavyweigt. He can continue to fight but now he is more just a name until he can rid himself of his self doubt and pick up a couple credible wins.

    For Jean Pascal the biggest qestions going into the fight was his activity and his conditioning. He has been known to gas out and was making weight for light heavyweight getting to be too much for him?

    Pascal looked to be in terrific shape but that is just part of the battle. The lack of activity and the punch output from the Haitian born fighter won’t sell any more tickets for his next fight even though he was victorious. One week prior to the weigh-in he seemed well off enough that making weight would not be an issue. The biggest question that arose from Pascal came after the fight and it was a question that he avoided. Is Adonis Stevenson next for Pascal? The victory over Bute should say yes but does Pascal really want it or will he move up in weight because he claims it is difficult to make weight?

    One question that can apply to both fighters, “was two million dollars too much for each fighter to receive?”

    Had the fight taken place anywhere else in the world there is no way in hell that either of them would have been paid that type of money.