What’s left for David Lemieux?

On December 16th, David Lemieux stepped into the ring for the forty-second time in his career as he took on Billy Joe Saunders for Saunders WBO middleweight title.  Lemieux was out punched, outworked and looked like an old, slow, shot fighter that was unable to cut off the ring and execute a game plan while relying on one punch to end the fight.

Lemieux should be embarrassed about the way he fought and to accuse Saunders of running is just an excuse. If you watched the undercard you saw the same fight take place when Yvet Ulysse fought the way Saunders did and clearly won. Lemieux couldn’t follow through through the fight but  whst boxing fans will want  to know what is left for the Canadian fighter aside from more excuses?

A victory over Saunders would have catapulted Lemieux to a huge showdown with the winner of Canelo-GGG or against either should the rematch fall through.  There are plenty of other options out there that would make for a good fight but Lemieux would have to turn back time and not perform the way he did against Saunders. One thing is for sure, he needs to make some changes whether it is his mentality, the way he performs in the ring, following through with direction, changing trainers (which does not always work because it is the fighter that is the issue 90% of the time) but most of all he needs to not just rely on one punch. His career has gone on for ten years already and if we are just going to get repeats of the Saunders fight for Lemieux then it may be time go consider hanging up the gloves.