Wilder Turns Down 2 Million Dollar Offer By Roc Nation to Fight Stiverne


    downloadThe Deontay Wilder vs. Bermane Stiverne purse bid mandated by the WBC has been postponed multiple times. There has been speculation of Roc Nation Sports to jump on the purse bid when the opportunity arises. According to ESPN, Al Haymon and Don King are doing everything they can to prevent this.

    Al Haymon seems to desperately want to halt Roc Nation Sports entrance into the sport of boxing. This was first evident when Jay-Z won a purse bid to the Peter Quillen-Matt Korobov fight with a 1.4 million dollar deal. After this occurred Haymon advised Quillin to vacate his title and turn down the offer.

    Haymon’s loathing of Jay-Z originates from the lawsuits between him and Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce Knowles. The bad blood between the two has not diminished. Despite this, everyone involved with the Stiverne-Wilder fight told Dan Rafael, they would love to have Roc Nations Sports involved with the fight.

    It is also important to note in mid September Michael Yormak the president of Roc Nation visited Wilder’s home to have a discussion with Jay Deas (Wilder’s manager) and Wilder himself. He spent two days there and offered $2 million for the Stiverne fight as part of a five-year contract. Wilder and Deas were very intrigued by the offer and had until Sept. 26 to respond. When Haymon never responded to the proposal it never came into fruition, according the ESPN.