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Will Canelo Be “The One”, or Just Another One To Lose To Floyd Mayweather?

Peter Clarke Thursday, September 12, 2013 Featured, Home Slider, PreviewResults 1 Comment
Will Canelo Be “The One”, or Just Another One To Lose To Floyd Mayweather?

All the talking is done. The hype by the media has been as a record high. The PPV buys record will be challenged. The total revenue will be broken. The Superbowl of boxing is set to take place in the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Finally, #TheOne is here and the biggest fight that can be made, this side of that little Pac/Floyd thing, is about to happen, as Floyd “Money” Mayweather will square off against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in a WBA/WBC junior middleweight unification title fight, at a catch weight of 152. But if that wasn’t big enough, there is also a treat for the hardcore boxing fan. A fight that is a PPV type fight on its own, as Danny “Swift” Garcia will face Lucas “The Machine” Matthysse for Garcia’s WBA/WBC junior welterweight title. Lastly, just to get you warmed up for those 2 monster fights, there’s a 3rd title bout, as Ishe Smith will defend his IBF junior middleweight title against Carlos Molina.

There is no explanation needed for Floyd Mayweather. Everyone knows about the flashiness, the cockiness, the cars, the women, and most importantly, the skill that has gotten him his undefeated record. Whether you love or hate Floyd Mayweather, and there seems to be nothing in between, you have to respect his skill and boxing ability. His defense is currently unmatched in the sport, even at age 36 and his endurance and workouts are legendary. He is never outworked, so don’t let what you see on TV fool you. He comes into this fight with a very well-known 44-0 record with 26 KOs. This will be the 1st time he has fought twice within the same year since 2007. Is that finally the equalizer? Will his age finally catch up to him?

The man known as Cinnamon, Canelo Alvarez, comes into the fight also with an undefeated 42-0-1 record, with 30 KOs. He is coming off what is his most notable fight, a solid unanimous decision over Austin Trout. He is looking at this fight as the chance of a lifetime. Not only will this be his biggest payday, but it will also be viewed by arguably more people around the world than any fight in history. His camp is constantly telling him to calm down and keep focused with all the eyes that will be on him during the fight. He has to try to use his strength and try to catch Floyd early to not only let him know he’s here, but to slow Floyd down and let him know that this won’t be another Guerrero type training session for Floyd. The biggest question is……. is he’s ready?

I’ve been saying this for a while now, but it bears repeating one more time. The only way to beat Floyd Mayweather is the do 3 things: use the jab, go to the body, and cut off the ring well. Canelo does go to the body well, but he doesn’t consistently use his jab, he only uses his jab part of the time. Also, he doesn’t cut off the ring well enough. Because of these factors, I’m going with Mayweather by unanimous decision, either 9 rounds to 3 or 8 rounds to 4. As we saw a couple weeks ago with Abner Mares and Jhonny Gonzalez, anything can happen in boxing, all it takes is one punch. With that being said, Mayweather has been wobbled, but has never touched the canvas in his entire professional boxing career. Can Canelo Alvarez be #TheOne to finally make him do it? Saturday night, we’ll all find out, enjoy the fights.

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Peter is from NJ and has been a fan of the sport of Boxing since the late 80s. He is a writer for and specializes in fight previews and fighter profiles. He can be emailed at and can be followed on twitter @pacman453323

1 Comment

  1. Dranreb Datsboygym Thursday, September 12, 2013 at Thursday, September 12, 2013

    the greatest DUCKER COWARD will win the fixed carefully planned fight…its all about money!!! coz money is the root of all evil….so its not shocking to see that kind of fight dancing hugging all the way and get the node of the fixed paid judges…again….its all about money…money can buy everything….even the books of history.

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