Will Father Time Finally Catch Up To Juan Manuel Marquez?


    Time waits for no one and in boxing if you don’t make the most of your time then you will be just another cliff note in boxing history. The older you get  the slower you are supposed to be. No matter how talented you are if you face an opponent that is younger and faster than you then you are supposed to lose right? Very few fighters have displaced that stereotype especially at the age of 40.

    On October 12th Juan Manuel Marquez will get the chance to continuously displace that stereotype when he takes on the only other man to hold a victory (albeit controversial) over Manny Pacquiao in recent years when he faces Tim Bradley.

    Bradley is a slick fighter who can brawl and even though he lacks punching power with his activity and his speed he can take rounds away from any fighter. Bradley’s speed poses the greatest threat to Marquez. It is so much of a threat that part of Marquez’ training is to try and match Bradley’s speed.

    Marquez is a master when it comes to putting punches together and his defense is one of the best in boxing history which could explain why he has lasted so long in this sport but as time goes by the body wears down and reflexes aren’t as quick as they used to be.

    Will father time catch up to Marquez?

    From the looks of Marquez’ training age and time has not affected him at all besides giving him in ring knowledge but Marquez has stated that when father time catches up to him and he realizes that he can no longer do what he does best he will walk away from the sport.