Will ‘The Alien’ Hopkins Abduct Kovalev Because of Distractions?


    HopkinsKovalevPhilly_Hoganphotos2-420x324“He’s not a machine” the infamous line from the movie Rocky maybe fitting to the boxing world’s new favorite man crush on WBO Light Heavyweight  Champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev and for good reason up until now.

    Over this past weekend the boxing public was treated to a gem of a fight in Artur Beterbiev destruction of  Tavoris Cloud in Montreal. What that night also did was cause fight fans to learn more of “Better Beast” as they’re calling him these days. That research has lead us to uncover what only very few hardcore fans knew, that being that Beterbiev has previously beaten “Krusher” Kovalev not once but twice in the amateurs.

    The days are counting down until what is Kovalev’s biggest test and fight of his life against Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins next month. Why fight of his life some might say. Well simply put if you lose to Hopkins you could very well be done  as history has shown us.

    The Kovalev’s are expecting their son any day now, with the official due date scheduled for October 17. How hard is it for you to focus and get your job done when your wife is expecting something of you? Then Kovalev has all types of problems. “Right now she’s very afraid she will stay alone in LA. She’s most worried that I won’t see him after [he is born] for one month. She says that for her it’s very important. I said, why? I will see a picture,” joked Kovalev. “I don’t understand yet, but maybe she is 100 percent right that I will see him Thursday and after that I will crush Hopkins. I need to see him first before I give him a name.”

    Hopkins maybe pushing 50 years old but the last thing anyone facing him should want in training camp are distractions, let alone your unborn child and possible complications of that birth. “The doctor says my baby is due October 17, but also said that we can plan one week early because in the last week the baby will be one pound more so for my wife it will be harder,” explained Kovalev.

    Hopkins has shamed many great champions in the past that were a 100% focused, how much will this play a part in Kovalev performance? As if that weren’t enough you have the added pressure of “Alien vs. Krusher Hopkins vs. Kovalev” being a 12-round unification bout for the IBF, WBA and WBO Light Heavyweight Titles on the line. We rarely see this allowed by the sanctioning bodies.

    “In Big Bear everything is close. Nobody can touch you, nobody can call you, nobody can disturb you – just you and your mind and your focus on the fight,” said Kovalev. “Big Bear helped me to be focused on my workout, on my job. Florida is boxing training camp. Only boxing, only sparring, not for physical training. Here [in Big Bear] is for strength and condition to be stronger in the ring.”

    “I don’t have any strategy. I just go into the fight. What will happen, will happen. I’m not scared to lose, I’m not scared to win. This is a sport. But Hopkins is a legend. He’s a professor of boxing. He’s a very proud man as a boxer. He’s very smart, he’s very technical. It will be very difficult to fight him and for me it will be a very big test. I’m ready for any test in my life. I have prepared for this test.”Sergey is known as “The Krusher” because of his uncanny ability to secure the knockout; 92 percent (23 of 25) of his victories have come via the stoppage. However Hopkins has never been knocked out. Will this play any part in the outcome of this fight? Give us your opinion in the comments below.