Will Tyson Fury Be The Next Giant UK Heavyweight To Get Exposed As A Hype Job?


    The heavyweight division is a shell of its former self. The glory days of championship caliber fighters from all over seizes to exist. If a heavyweight fighter is not named Klitschko, then they are not considered elite. The heavyweight division hasn’t even been as exciting as it used to be. But not all fights and fighters are boring.
    Will the recent signing of David Haye vs. Tyson Fury being announced excitement is brewing and fans will begin to pay close attention once again up until after the fight.

    David Haye has been subject of criticism in the past due to his lackluster performance against Wladamir Klitschko but he has proven himself to be a top fighter in the past. Haye faces a tall order in Fury. Pun intended. Tyson Fury is a big guy who has yet to be really tested. His fight with Steve Cunningham showed that he can be put down against a smaller fighter. Even though he fought dirty he walked away with the victory.

    Will things go the same way with Haye? Will Fury get exposed by Haye the way Price was exposed by Thompson?

    David Haye is no pushover and you do not have to be a fan of his to realize that. Fury will have his work cut out for him and if he loses against elite world level competition then many fans will discredit him and he can find himself trying to redeem himself more than Price did. He called out all the big names and now he his chance.