Would Leaving Top Rank be the Best Decision for Terence Crawford?


    By: Julio Garcia

    Pound for pound rankings are a meaningless hierarchy that we in the boxing world love so much.  It’s a ranking based on merit and not who makes the most money in who draws the most fans in. One fight can make or break your position in the rankings and everyone has a different top ten.

     Terence Crawford has been in the pound for pound rankings for a long time in for many people he has been their number one pick.  Despite being the number one in the eyes of many, it has been difficult for Crawford to secure key fights that he needs and his fans want to see.  That responsibility lies in Crawford’s promoter Top Rank.

    What’s in the last decade top rank as had several fighters that were key figures in the welterweight division. Now, they only have only  Crawford that would rank within the top ten.  Crawford has called out fighters from other promoters but it’s proven difficult as it often has with Bob Arum working with other promoters along with the history of Top Rank preferring to keep everything in-house. 

    Prior to the fight with Kell Brook, Crawford was contemplating whether to stay with his promoter or to go elsewhere.  It’s quite the conundrum as to where your loyalty falls when you don’t get what you want?

    Should Crawford stay with Arum? The best bet would be to look for fights outside of his current division as it may continue to prove difficult fighting other top fighters in his division. Breaking away from Arum seems to be the better option as he should be able to land the fights that he wants to get and, with Arum having a hard time promoting him, someone else should take the reins in doing for Crawford what Arum could not.  They say the devil that you know is better than the devil you don’t, but in this case, it would be worth the risk for Crawford the jump ship.