Yuriorkis Gamboa Says He Is Done Chasing Mikey Garcia

By JulioGarcia March 25, 2014 11:24 am

Yuriorkis Gamboa Says He Is Done Chasing Mikey Garcia

When fighters expect big things to happen but it never does it can drain them mentally . Seconds become minutes. Minutes become hours. Hours become days. Days become weeks and weeks become months. Over time you realise you can only give so much in an effort to make things happen and for Yuriorkis Gamboa that time has come in his search for a fight with Mikey Garcia. After countless failed negotiations and reports stating that Garcia priced himself out instead of Gamboa, the Cuban fighter has decided to move on and search for another opponent.

“Just so you all know I’m done looking for a fight with Mikey Garcia,” stated Gamboa via Twitter. “There are champs like “JuanMa” that would fight for the fans and for pride, not just money.”

By JulioGarcia March 25, 2014 11:24 am

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  1. reyocs March 26, 10:05 am

    michael farinas

  2. Winston Kendall March 27, 11:38 am

    Best thing to do for Gamboa,nowadays there are a lot of fights,promoters and fighters fans,”running away” for real challenges.
    Garcia’s case remind me a lot of Nonito “son of Rigo” Donaire,he runs ,and runs from the Cuban and Arum and the gullible press and fans,took a victory of the piNOY for granted….We’ all know how that ended.
    Certainly Mikey Garcia and his tribe,are more cynically ducking…because they understood that,in spite of everything and everyone,Gamboa is still a very dangerous cat so,for mexican “ex-warriors”,acting like divas ,to prevent is better than justified after the facts.(Golden Boy does the same with Canelo and Lara by the way).

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