Yvon Michele on Stevenson Fighting Pascal and Winner of Hopkins-Kovalev


    848182-promoteur-yvon-michel-celebre-compagnieAdonis Stevenson has been one of most exciting fighters in the light heavyweight division since his stunning first round KO of Chad Dawson in June of 2013. Since that victory Stevenson has gone on to defend his title on three occasions and has shown boxing fans that there is more to the Haitian-Canadian than just power. Stevenson has really good boxing abilities and he does not have to be on the attack at all times but aside from that, he has shown that he can be put down on the canvas which should make fighters want to step in the ring and take the risk to fight him right?

    Jean Pascal has been talking a lot lately about Stevenson via social media and in interviews. He has thrown insults at Stevenson every opportunity that he seems to get but hasn’t heard much of a response. Pascal is the number one contender to face Stevenson and he wants the fight to happen asap but may have to wait until next year according to Yvon Michele of GYM Promotions.

    “Adonis is going to fight in the fall, probably in December. We need a couple of things to happen but we should be able to announce something officially in the next two weeks,” said Michele. He continued, “Jean Pascal is the number one contender for Adonis. After his next fight then he will be the mandatory and then he will fight Jean Pascal which will be a great, great fight in Montreal.”

    Aside from Pascal there are two other names in the light heavyweight division that would make for a mega fight with Stevenson and those two names will be fighting each other later this year.

    There has been a lot of talk about Stevenson fighting Sergey Kovalev but with Stevenson moving over to Showtime and not appearing on HBO any time soon that dream has died, for now. Expectations with the move to Showtime made many think that Bernard Hopkins would be the next man to step in the ring with Stevenson but Hopkins has signed to face Kovalev which has brought disappointment to Stevenson and his camp. Michele does believe that a fight can be made between Stevenson and the winner of Hopkins-Kovalev and Stevenson will be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a unified world champion.

    “It was disappointing because we really thought we were going to fight Hopkins if we made the move from HBO to Showtime. It was in perspective because we though that Hopkins was tied [to] Showtime. We had met casually with Hopkins and everything seemed to be in order to do that fight then suddenly he chose to fight Kovalev which he has the right to do. He probably felt that the Kovalev fight was an easier fight than Adonis Stevenson.”

    “We got caught by surprise but we are working on something big for Adonis that we are going to announce shortly and next year we have great perspective for Stevenson. He definitely wants to be recognized as the unified champion so it is a dream for him to eventually fight [and unify titles] hopefully [against] Hopkins if he wins or Kovalev.”