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Thaboxingvoice is happy to announce that we have activated our membership program! 🥊🔥 You can now help support the channel by becoming a member. So look out for the new JOIN button 🔘 that will now be next to the subscribe button. You can click on the JOIN button and go look at the different tiers that we are offering and choose what ever tier suits you best!
🙌🏼 We are currently offering 3 membership tiers.1.👊🏼 The Prospect Tier which is a monthly subscription of $2.99, 2.✊🏼 The Contender Tier which is a monthly subscription of $4.99, and 3. 💪🏼 The Champ Tier which is a monthly subscription of$14.99. Now, we know what you’re probably asking yourself 🤔 “How will this affect my access as a non-member?”
Well guess what… NOTHING IS CHANGING! 🙂 We want to reassure all our listeners and viewers that nothing will change for them. You will still have access to all the content that you currently have access to.
The only slight change that we’ve made is the accessibility to the live-chat. 📲 You will still have access to the live-chat unless we decide to make it a members only live chat where if you are not a member at least at the Prospect level you will not be able to have access to the live chat. 💁🏻‍♂️ Different factors will determine when we decide to do so and is under the full discretion of thaboxingvoice.
If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section and we will answer them as soon as possible.👆🏼 Click the JOIN button!🔘 Become a member and help support the channel! 👊🏼 Take advantage of all the extra content and perks that we have to offer. Trust us you won’t be disappointed.🙌🏼 Share this video and tell a friend about the program. Thank you all! 🙏🏼 This is Alex “Doomsday” Lainez stepping outta the ring!🔥🎤🥊Chhhaaammmp!

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