Berto: I’ll be Floyd’s toughest fight. I can get it done!


Floyd Mayweather - Andre BertoPutting his shirt on after working out for the media, Andre Berto joked with the media that he didn’t want to cause any trouble or scare anyone with his physique. Not many are giving Berto the chance to upset Floyd Mayweather in a week’s time when the two square off at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The fight is dubbed as being Mayweather’s last fight.

“I bring that rare combination of speed and power,” Berto told Tha Boxing “As you can see I been training my ass off. I leaned out a lot, and I feel like I got great speed and great conditioning. So I’m looking forward to take what’s mine.”

Berto’s mind isn’t on what the critics are saying. Many of the critics feel Berto is undeserving of the fight. But he says if guys that beat him were a gauge as being worth of a fight for Mayweather, why not him, the actual gauge.

“They can think I’m undeserving all they want, but I’m stepping in there on the 12th,” Berto said. “The thing with these critics is that you’re only as good as your last performance. And I was good enough two or three years. Victor Ortiz was good enough when he beat me. Robert Guerrero was good enough when he beat me. So at the end of the day, they got the fight because they thought they were good enough because they beat me. Now it’s me. There’s not anybody that beat me to face him. Now it’s me. The person that they think he’s good enough because they beat Berto.”

Berto to his credit is confidence and feels he is his toughest test.

“I believe I’ll be his toughest fight, my speed, and power. A guy like Floyd feasts on a guy that moves straight up and down. I have the athletic ability. Fight night is going to be great, just do me and I can get the job done.”

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