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Billy Dib Looking To KO Franco Then Go After Chris John

DominicLeone Friday, February 1, 2013 Featured No Comments
Billy Dib Looking To KO Franco Then Go After Chris John

On January 28, 2013, there was an all exclusive and extremely eminent conference call amongst Dibella Entertainment and 50 Cent’s SMS Promotions, who are jointly advocating the IBF Featherweight Title fight featuring champion Billy “The Kid” Dib fighting out of Sidney, Australia with a record of 35-1-0, (21 KO’s).  Dib at the age of 27 will be putting his title up for grabs against Cuban Olympian Luis “La Estrella” Franco, whom is now residing in Miami, Florida with a limited record of 11-1-0, (7 KO’s).  Franco is ranked #3 among the top IBF contenders.  The bout will be held on ESPN’s Premier Boxing Program, Friday Night Fights on March 1, 2013 at the MGM Theater at the Fox Woods Resort in Connecticut.

The focal point of this international conference call was essentially surrounding Lou Dibella, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and of most significance were the questions and answers of Billy “The Kid” Dib.

After a quite extensive dialogue, 50 Cent finally introduced and initiated Billy Dib into this vital discussion.  Dib opened up by thanking the people at MGM, 50 Cent, Lou Dibella and also ESPN for the prodigious opportunity to defend his title on American television and especially the fact that he is headlining their card.  Dib had this to say, “I just want you all to know that I am not just coming out there to win, but I am coming to make a serious statement.  You know there’s a lot of featherweight’s fighting around that time and I want to show the world that I am the best featherweight in the world.”

Dib knows that his team along with promoter 50 Cent all share pronounced faith in him.  Dib also made a prediction, “I believe a win will come out and we’re going to knock Luis Franco out.”

Billy Dib is very confident in his abilities to successfully defend his IBF title.  He also is well aware that his foe and one time elite amateur opponent is coming with his A-Game and an exceedingly effective mentality with a win or go home attitude.  Dib had this to say about his opponent Luis Franco, “Franco as you know is a hell of a fighter, he has an amazing amateur record, he’s not the #1 contender by accident, and you know he was robbed in his eliminator.  I believe now he has been given the opportunity to fight for the world title, so you know, I think you know the boxing gods have helped Luis Franco in that manner, but you know I’m coming out to make a statement and if any of the other featherweights out there who want to step up and defend their title or unify the title’s, I’m ready, you know 50 Cent’s ready.  My team’s ready.  Let’s do it.”

50-Cent says he has been in communications with Chris John, already trying to create a fight almost immediately following this bout.  In my opinion Dib should just keep his mind on Franco for the simple fact that Luis Franco might not have as many fights but he is well thought of as a fighter and has the same goal as “The Kid” himself.  To win that belt and move up the rankings, not to mention become more of a privileged fighter in this chock full featherweight division.  Dib knows that Franco only has 12 fights yet has had an extensive and remarkable amateur career, so he doesn’t plan on taking Franco lightly. Never the less believes he is the seasoned pro, hence making him the IBF Champion and also made this statement, “I’m champion and you know like I said, I’m living clean, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I live by boxing, that’s what I do, I love to fight and yes it is important that I come out and make a statement, you know what I mean.  You know I need to come out and let the world of boxing and let you know Billy Dib has arrived.”

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