Cortez on Mayweather’s Future “He will have to step up to 154lbs again”


Joe-Cortez-Referee-Mayweather-vs-Ortiz-FightJoe Cortez has refereed many fights on the career of Floyd Mayweather Jr. The career of Mayweather is apparently winding down with his fight against Andre Berto. Though Cortez sees him fighting on, he doesn’t’ a suitable opponent for him at 147.

“There are not many guys at his weight class,” Cortez told “He will have to step up to 154lbs again. He fought Canelo Alvarez; it’s a possibility he could fight Canelo again in a rematch at 154lbs. Everyone says Golovkin, but he’s a middleweight and Floyd Mayweather will never be a middleweight.”

Cortez firmly believes that Mayweather will never make the jump to middleweight, so that rules out a possible GGG showdown.

“We’ll have to see who is up and coming that would be interesting for him to fight,” explained Cortez. Mayweather will never fight a middleweight, that’s definitely out of the picture, especially ‘GGG’. He may fight a heavyweight but not Golovkin.”

Cortez believes that a rematch with Pacquiao is not doable or sellable because the Filipino’s style is perfect for Floyd Mayweather.

“If Manny Pacquiao comes back, it’s going to be a hard sell but anything is doable. Money talks in boxing and if they can sell it and if they can market it right, you never know, it could happen. I think that Pacquiao’s style is a perfect style for Mayweather, he stays open too much when he throws punches, and I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. It may happen, but it’s going to be a fight where I don’t Pacquiao could ever beat Mayweather. Fans are never going to see Mayweather in a slugfest, he’s not a slugger, so he’s going to go out there to box. It would be the same type of fight, but the people are not going to buy the second one”