Denia Karina Sosa Get’s Her First Pro Victory


As an amateur fighter, there are two dreams that you can have. You can hope to go to the Olympics and represent your country, or you just look to get enough experience to turn pro and try to make some money..

Denia Karina Sosa had hopes of representing Mexico in the Olympics, but things did not work out. She could have waited and built her experience to try and make it to the next Olympic squad, but when you’re in your twenties that’s time well wasted- going pro is the next option.

Sosa had her first pro fight in March 2021. Her hopes were high for her break-out debut, but alas, disappointment yet again. The bout was a split-decision draw. Both debuting fighters got over the jitters, but neither left the ring satisfied.

On May 27th, Sosa fought the second bout of her pro career against a debuting fighter. This time around, things went her way and she won by KO at the 1:45 mark in the first round.

Sosa is ecstatic for the victory, it has made her hungrier to get better and fight harder. This is one fighter you’ll want to keep your eye on.