Diego De La Hoya Shuts Out Luis Ruiz Lizarraga Jr.


    team-de-la-hoya-with-diego-de-la-hoya-after-the-wi-1541Diego De La Hoya also known as the “Golden Kid” is so far proving himself to be a good signing for Golden Boy Promotions. Given the nickname and last name, it is not surprising he is related to the 10-time world champion Oscar De La Hoya. Being the cousin of the CEO definitely has its perks, but he definitely earned some recognition for his boxing skills with the way he handled Luis Ruiz Lizarraga Jr.

    The bout was only scheduled for six rounds, but De La Hoya’s superior skill, and talent level was evident from the opening bell. De La Hoya was able to walk down Ruiz with hard punches, and good technical skills. Ruiz was clearly overmatched but remained gritty despite receiving heavy punishment. In the fifth round it seemed as though the referee was looking to stop the fight, but Ruiz managed to hold on. In the sixth and final round De La Hoya was really pushing for the knockout. He urged Ruiz to exchange, and landed very solid punches but Ruiz managed to stay on his feet.

    Despite not receiving a knockout victory, he showed complete domination. All three judges scored it a shutout, 60-54 all in favor for De La Hoya. He now improves to a record of 7-0 with 5 knockouts. The 20-year-old prospect still has a long journey to travel before facing elite opposition in the featherweight division. Whether he will ever stand on top of the division is uncertain, but he certainly has a fan friendly style, and the talent level to make some noise in his division.