Fernando Montiel Eye’s Abner Mares and World Title Dreams


Fernando Montiel
On October 14th, Fernando Montiel (54-5-2, 39 KO’s) had the opportunity to win a fourth world title in four different weight classes when he took on Lee Selby in Selby’s United States debut.

Selby was in control of the fight in the early rounds as Montiel was looking to counter and occasional go on the offensive. By the mid rounds, Montiel was more assertive and began hurting Selby. By the end of the fight, it felt like the scorecards would be close [IMO] but the judges had Selby winning by at least four rounds.

Montiel lost the decision but showed that he could still put up a good challenge to anyone in the division. He also feels that he won the bout, and certain factors did not help with things going his way.

“I feel that I did not lose,” Montiel told Tha Boxing Voice. “The difference was definitely the second weigh in. I always recover from the weigh-ins the same night but for this fight I refrained from eating what I really needed to eat. I am sure that with my performance I have earned another big fight.”

This December will mark the 19th anniversary of Montiel’s professional debut. That is a long time in the sport when you look at the average shelf life of a fighter but then again, Montiel is not your average fighter.

Montiel would love the opportunity for a big fight against Abner Mares. With Montiel’s style to pick off punches and Mares loving to come forward, it would make for an interesting fight. Montiel also admits that there is not that much time left for him in the sport so winning another world title is a must before he decides to hang up the gloves.

Fernando Montiel“I have very little time left in boxing. My goal is to win another world title and have a big fight. I would like a fight against Abner Mares. I feel that it would be a good fight for both of us. My style is characterized by being able to take punches away from my opponents. Anyone can know how to punch, but very few know how to take punches away from fighters. My father showed me that as a child.”