Garcia has to win in spectacular fashion on Saturday

Danny Garcia (right) Lucas Matthysse (left)

Danny Garcia - Lucas MatthysseDanny Garcia has to win in spectacular fashion come Saturday. There is absolutely no ifs, ands or buts about it. ‘Swift’ must show and prove again and he cannot let his opponent, Paulie Malignaggi, show him up come fight night.

There are tons of question marks that surround Garcia’s capabilities as a fighter, or at least a top-tier one. He obliterated Khan, proved us all wrong about Matthysse, and then just fell off completely from there.

His performances in his last three fights probably have him seeing a lot more hate than he is used to these days, and one can only see that getting worse should Garcia not win in dramatic fashion versus Malignaggi.

Hearing Garcia compare his achievements at 140 to the likes of Mayweather was mind boggling, but for sure solidified that he and his father are definitely ‘touched.’ Unifying titles, sure, but what about everything else?! Salka? Really?

Despite what he says, Danny Garcia doesn’t have any choice but to prove himself as a fighter this weekend, considering how his career has fared within the last year. Just about all of his flaws have been exposed against fighters with styles that Malignaggi could emulate.

The awkward, nagging style of Herrera and the mobile inside-fighting of Peterson gave Garcia big problems – all of which Paulie seems to possess – mobility, speed, and a nagging jab in his face all night long.

If we predicted what the outcome would be based on Garcia’s fights with Herrera and Peterson, it’d be safe to say it’s not looking that much better for him on August 1st. The only saving grace Garcia has is that he knows Paulie’s chin is in a vulnerable state after being knocked out in his last fight by Shawn Porter.

Be sure to note that Danny Garcia will look to capitalize on this in the fight, but then at the same time, that could be his downfall. Paulie is smart enough to know he can’t stand and trade with Garcia and would rather leave the Philly bomber on a wild goose chase for a KO. Garcia’s camp is banking on the move up to 147 being all the difference.

Saturday night, we find out.