Gennady Golovkin: The Gift and The Curse


Unbeaten middleweight titlist Gennady Golovkin, the “People’s Champion”, is in full force training for what he calls his toughest challenge to date and rightfully. On paper Ireland’s top-rated former world title challenger, Matthew “Mack The Knife” Macklin (29-4, 20KO’s) probably is depending on who you speak to. What’s certain is this will be one of the year’s most brutal fights without a doubt.

In one corner you have the Devastating punching “GGG” that’s captivated fans and networks by storm forcing his brilliance from our premium channels and  a true fight fans delight by staying active even if not on the big networks. Golovkin is coming off a third round annihilation of Nobuhiro Ishida.

This past Saturday, HBO aired their series, ‘2 Days: Gennady Golovkin’ which brought his fans closer to the Republic of Kazakhstan champion. What we witnessed was a warrior’s mentality to overcome adversity. We were blessed to go behind the scenes with HBO cameras and see the struggles of Golovkin battling a common cold something not that serious to you or I, but factor in the mere thought of being on the biggest stage on one of the most prominent networks. As well as the breathing issues that occurs to the average human being on their day to day life. Now multiple that feeling by 10 because that’s how important breathing in a fight of the caliber as the one that took place, January 19th Madison Square Garden.

Golovkin showed no signs before the fight that he had any intentions of pulling out of his fight. The thought of a fighter with the pure heart and determination willing to put everything on the line to better his career and for the entertainment of the fight fans definitely makes him the “People’s Champion”. Plus the fact that he destroys anything he touches makes this “GGG” more into a boxing super hero.

It’s this very same demeanor that Golovkin shows can be a gift and a curse. With Sergio Martinez being out for the rest of the year and Peter Quillin being signed by Al Haymon and promoted by Golden Boy as well being a Showtime fighter, the options for Golovkin are slim assuming he gets past Macklin that is. Geale and Barker are set to meet in a respective match up, leaving Gennady Golovkin the only option of moving up in weight. This is something that drives me crazy to see a fighter in his prime forced to have to fight outside of his weight just to make opportunity for himself. In a perfect world, Martinez wouldn’t be hurt and willing to decide if he still is the middle weight king or if the game for the throne would crown is a new king. For Golovkin as I stated his gift is his curse.


  1. Umm…maybe I missed something, but why would his only option be to go up in weight?

    He could fight Chavez Jr, Martin Murray, Felix Sturm, Hassan N’dam, Geale-Barker winner and Martinez is only out for a year.

    Since he fought Ishida he clearly wouldn’t mind keeping busy against a lower level of opposition between big fights if he has to.

    So what you said doesn’t make any sense…

  2. Well I said Martinez is hurt plus Chavez is tied up Geale and barker as well Quillin is with GBP so he doesn’t have options. Fighting a stay busy fight doesn’t sound like a option. Neither does waiting for Martinez mind you Lou Dibella had said he won’t make that fight. So who does he fight tell me? Please say some one meaningful. Because Ouma, Ishisda, Proska those aren’t meaningful we believe and he believes he’s on Martinrz level and better so he wants to prove that. Fighting those guys doesn’t do much I hope you agree.

  3. Some of that was fair, but you left a few people out.
    Firstly I don’t believe the Geale-Barker winner is obligated to fight Chavez Jr; so there’s two options.
    But if you’re right and those aren’t options then what about Triple G against Martin Murray, and N’dam and Sturm are also legit fights.
    (Also seeing as GGG is with K2 not Top Rank, he could hypothetically fight on Showtime, though I’d say its unlikely. Unlikely but I’m just throwing it out there.)

  4. Strum duck GGG Geale gave up the belt not to fight him. Chavez fights 8/3 maybe vs Vera. Murray visa issues same reason he couldn’t make the fight with Chavez the first time. Hassan please Peter Quillin had 19 Amateur fights and did what he did Golovkin has about 300 plus big power

  5. Fair enough. I had heard that Sturm and Geale had ducked him but wasn’t sure of the circumstances.

    Still the Murray fight makes a lot of sense and Murray can still get into the US as long as they arrange early enough to get a visa and HBO want him back. (That fight could even happen in the U.K). No way Murray would duck seeing as Hatton Promotions don’t have a TV outlet in the U.K so Murray struggles for big fights.
    And if GGG had to wait till say December to fight Chavez Jr (Would be his biggest money fight so far) I’m sure he would, probably with a tune-up in-between.

    I think N’dam is decent but leaving him out,
    the way I see it, he has at least two good options. Murray and Chavez Jr.

    I see what you meant originally, he has less immediate options than I thought because I forgot about the “duck’s”, but there’s no need to move up yet.

  6. GGG is a tough fight for Chavez I’m not sold that Arum would put Chavez in with Golovkin before taking the Martinez fight only because he drop Martinez in the 12th and Martinez didn’t look great vs Murray so the time for rematch is now

  7. You’re right, most promoters don’t want to put their fighter in with Golovkin. But I think Hatton would put Murray in with no hesitation.

    Also I just remembered that GGG said after Rosado that he was planning to fight 5 times this year. So if he does beat Macklin (which isn’t certain at all) he was probably planning a low level fight before finding another big name to close the year. Will probably be Murray.

    I can see Arum saving Chavez for the Martinez rematch, but at the same time Arum has mentioned Ward as a possible opponent for Chavez so he isn’t afraid to put him into fights he could lose. (They may try to get it around a catch-weight like 165.)

    Only time will tell if Gennady is left out in the cold.

  8. GGG is devistating. I’d rather see him drop to 154 instead moving to 168 but why not stay at 160? I’ve interviewed him thru one of his sparring partners at the time, Dhafir Smith, from Philly. Then watched him beat a pint of blood out of Gabe Rosado, another Philly fighter at MSG. I don’t think he has the size to move up though it seems there’s Andre Ward and then who? Froch doesn’t impress me and Kessler looked finished. Sergio Martinez who was as good as any at 154 or 160 has come to the end of the line after an operation it seems.