Golovkin-Froch Closer Than We Think


Gennady GolovkinGennady Golovkin might get the big fight he has been longing for. It won’t be Miguel Cotto or Canelo Alvarez but one Carl Froch in a division above middleweight. Golovkin has been chasing fights with the likes of Cotto, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and Sergio Martinez for years, only to be shunned by the three.

In the meantime, K2 Promotions and Golovkin have built his brand on HBO. His ratings have proven that he is a staple of the franchise. He has proven to draw tickets on both coasts and has even taken his show to Monaco. Now while a match up with Froch might not be pay-per-view because of the tie difference if the bout was to take place in England, it will be Golovkin’s highest-profile bout to date. It would be regular HBO but a sold out Wembley Stadium with 80,000 fans and defeating Froch on his home turf might make GGG a household name and certainly prove his talents

But then again, we are talking about Carl Froch, the guy that has taken on and beaten mostly everyone he’s faced. Why would we be surprised that Froch would step up to the plate to fight Golovkin?

Froch certainly believes he can beat Golovkin.

“I believe I can take his power better than any of his middleweight opponents and use my extra size and strength to end his unbeaten record,” says Froch to Daily Mail in an article on BoxingScene.com

Next week, Froch will sit down with his team and determine how real a fight with Golovkin can be.

“This is one fight that does excite me to do it again. But I will get my trainer Rob McCracken, my promoter Eddie Hearn and my lovely partner Rachael into the same room in the next couple of weeks to discuss whether to fight again. But the final decision will be mine.”